Current children’s education panorama

The future of our society depends entirely upon the people we are forming today, hence the widespread worry for their education and emotional development

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Current children’s education panorama

Autor: Johanna Sanabria, profesional de Maestrik

The future of our society depends entirely upon the people we are forming today, hence the widespread worry for their education and emotional development. One main cause for our global problems has been caused by the lack of ethical values, especially amongst young people. It is a very well-known fact that the family is not enough to educate people in a general and civic culture in order to improve societal values. Ethical classes are necessary tools because people might have trouble at work, at home or at school if they don’t know how to properly behave. Therefore, ethical education is a moral duty for all educational centers, including at home. In this way, children, teachers and parents would start to improve their conduct in every place or situation by doing a learning imitation. This is a co-learning experience for our children and our society as a whole, so classes dealing with ethical issues must be present in all school curriculums.

Society needs to start teaching through the correct way by applying it towards homes and schools. For instance, according to a survey conducted by Editor Media Corporation (CEM) young people spend 6.78 hours at school, 2.27 hours at home performing activities, 3.18 hours practicing their hobbies and 1.17 hours resting.  As we can see, young people spend more time at school than in any other places present in their daily routine. Therefore, schools are referred to as “their second home”, as young people socialize with others and not only learn common subjects like science and mathematics. They learn how to behave with another student and how to approach different problems by formulating the best solution based on the particular situation.

Currently, we are immersed in widespread conflict and violence within our society and children have to know the harsh realities of our social problems in order to search for solutions in the future. Hence, it is a moral obligation for society to teach and impose ethical values at schools. The important factor here is that parents do not have to play a separate role from schools, so it is important that both institutions work together. For instance, this cooperation entitles that schools would require parents to regularly attend meetings, seminars, help with homework and talk with their children about the school.

Modern society is challenging to each person in regards to perpetuating many problematic aspects, as our unstable situation affects modern families by creating an entirely new concept: dysfunctional families. We can see a lot of dysfunctional families within less fortunate social groups, such as young parents, single parents and the unemployed. This is very relevant because children’s education starts right at home and with this new negative sociological phenomena we can see how the family core is inevitably being degraded. Thus, this new concept has a lot of consequences towards children’s education because parents simply do not have the time or interest to focus on them.

Additionally, parents lack authority because they think that simply sending their children to school will automatically strengthen their education, so at home they do not bother correcting their children’s mistakes. Therefore, it should be noted that the home is the center of all formation, par excellence, of most human beings in our modern society. Institutions like schools, universities can replace the richness, potential and versatility provided by family life. These academic groups provide the practical elements of our general culture, especially in regards to the theories, models and methods necessary for outstanding performance at work in our  lives. However, if families do not perform their basic functions and roles we will depend entirely upon our society for our children’s education.

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